In response to the national call to promote urban renewal,
Xing Fu Li emerges at the right moment.

Brand Vision

To be the forerunner in urban cultural and creative industries

With years of successful experience in architecture, engineering and design, Xing Fu Li specializes in cultural and creative industries. Based on Shanghai,the brand will have its presence across China. It shall strive to become a leading brand in cultural and creative industries.

Brand Mission

To unremittingly provide boutique cultural blocks for urban development

In active response to the national call to promote urban renewal, Xing Fu Li has been always devoting itself to building boutique cultural blocks, and offering personalized office environment for business partners and high-quality leisure space for consumers.

Neighborhood Culture and Shanghai Spirit

Xing Fu Li inherits the “inclusive and co-existing” spirit from Shanghai culture. We elaborate our works with modern techniques and trendy designs. It represents the modern artistic texture and perfectly balances community and commerce.

Vitality and Originality

Young, fashionable and artistic

With a strict settlement policy, Xing Fu Li selects original and distinctive brands.

Green, Health and Harmony

An Coexistent Ecology

Xing Fu Li assigns much importance to environmental protection. Its roofing is equipped with solar power system. Energy-saving equipment is used across the entire park. The stereo garage at the entrance is covered by abundant vegetation.